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Here are a few selects from Chris and Ashley’s wedding in Granite Bay.  Normally, I go into google images and google maps to search out the venues, the blocks around it, the colors, and textures, and cliche images everyone typically photographs, to get a feel for what I’m working with in respects to photography.  This was an example where I wasn’t able to see much of anything until I arrived, but I was able to use the light and shadows to create some dramatic fashionable photographs.  This first image here was the last photograph of the night, and Chris was telling me they had to go.  However, I saw this parking lot light barely hitting the grass, and I really thought I could use it for their benefit (and mine!).  I insisted, and he agreed.  So, I popped a few more images.  Congratulations and Chris and Ashley!


Granite Bay wedding photography image of bride and groom at reception event after ceremony