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Angels Camp Wedding Photography
Greenhorn Creek Resort
Photographer:  Charleton Churchill Photography

Seth and Courtney’s wedding was dynamite, and I think we blew it up!  Photographed at the Greenhorn Creek Resort, which by the way, I didn’t even know existed, this place is high class, like some sort of secret society on the other side of town in Angel’s Camp, California.  When we arrived, we pulled up to a strangers home, thinking we had arrived at the bridesmaid’s home for getting ready photos (google iphone map led me there).  I knocked on the door and a nice lady yelled, “Come on in!”

I opened the door and this woman was sitting in a chair, smiling, and I believe sewing.  She asked how she could help me? (odd I know, but kind).  I asked if Courtney was here? She just smiled and said, “she lives right up the hill!” My 2nd photographer was laughing behind me.  Then she said, “I’ll see you at the wedding though.”

So, we drove off down the road, looking for an “up-the-hill” area and most of it was flat and going downhill.  So, after a mile of driving, we turned around to head back to our original Google mapped area, and guess who chased me down, and pulled in right behind me?   That’s right!  That wonderful lady sewing in the chair! She saw me head off in the wrong direction, and then chased me down.  I tell you this, not because I thought I was in Texas again, but because this is the kind of people, town, and couple I worked with on their special day! So, helpful, humble, and hospitable people.

Wonderful people.  Wonderful couple. Wonderful day. Here are few highlights from their wedding.



bridal party photo before wedding reception

groomsmen and groom at greenhorn creek resort wedding day celebration

bridesmaids and bride smiles portraits during Calaveras Wedding Photography

first look tap on the shoulder of couple in love photos

first look in Angel

wedding ceremony first kiss at greenhorn golf course resort

dramatic fashion forward photography california top

I’m not going to lie, it’s been great photographing local weddings the last three weeks, not having to drive too far.  This last weekend I photographed Jason and Kelly’s wedding in Murphys California at Laraine Winery.  It was a unique wedding even though I had photographed another wedding there a few years ago.  If lightening and thunderous skies weren’t cool enough for an outside wedding, it was the dust in the wind that blew us away, both literally and metaphorically.  With all the Jason-Kelly Love and the atmospheric conditions , we were able to capture some beautiful light photographs as well as the dramatic magazine photographs.  Here are some images from this weekend. (I’m just including the first part of the day here in this blog, and not the reception event). Enjoy!

Wedding Photographer: Charleton Churchill Photography.

Wedding Venue Ceremony and Reception: Laraine Winery.

Make-up and Hair: Amy Avila from Panache Salon and Filomena Nault from Mena & Co. Salon.

Florists: Kathy from Country Flower Hutch.

Wedding Coordinator: Erin Smith.

Preparation Location: Victoria Inn, Mimi’s Place.

DJ: Joe with Elite Entertainment.

Catering: Wren Creative Food.


charleton churchill photography pictures

wedding shoes in calaveras county wedding

wedding dress in murphys wineries

getting dressed for wedding in downtown murphys

murphys wineries photographer capturing bride downtown

bride captured in murphys california wedding

bridesmaids and bride in murphys calif wedding

bridesmaids bride lauging in murphys california wedding

Groom jacket Calaveras wedding venue

groom tuxedo for vineyard winery wedding

groomsmen at murphys wedding location

groomsmen in downtown murphys wedding

murphys california groom wedding

calaveras county wedding groom

laraine winery wedding event

wedding party at laraine winery in montecito

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calaveras wedding event

father daughter wedding ceremony in murphys california

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wedding in Calaveras county Charleton Churchill Photography

photograph at murphys winery in Calaveras

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wedding couple at Calaveras winery Laraine vineyard